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Content expressed on this website and the Divorced, Not Broken podcast episodes are not to replace the advice of an attorney.


Episode 6 – Daniel Danger Danyus and the Real Estate Episode

Buying, selling, short sales, divorce sales, Daniel Danyus has handled it all. With nine years as a licensed real estate agent and all the adventures that come along with it, Daniel shares his tips and stories to help those going through a divorce have a smooth closing. Host Annie Rodriguez and Daniel delve into the process of selling a home that is involved in a divorce, and buying a home on the other side of divorce. He also offers insight as to why you need an actual, human agent in these digital times, and how to land a good agent for your transaction. And for our Jacksonville listeners, Daniel shares information about some beautiful homes that he has for listing. Jump on his website at for more info. Enjoy!

Episode 6

Episode 5 – Post-Divorce Relationships and Intimacy

This episode focuses on post-divorce relationships, intimacy and sex, particularly relating to women. Guest Mary Whitman Ortiz offers her insight on these topics from the perspective of a divorced woman, a Christian, and also a Life Coach. Annie and Mary delve into the rewards of endeavoring towards positive personal transformation before jumping into another marriage or serious relationship. Topics of personal transformation include: assertiveness, self-awareness, boundaries and communication. In uncharacteristic form, Annie and Mary’s discussion takes a turn from the consumer knowledge platform, and instead, beckons listeners to explore and expand their thoughts on sex and intimacy. An episode like this will certainly be thought provoking, and maybe even a little controversial.